Staff Picks June 2017

the black prism the way of natural history cry, heart, but the shining my favorite thing is monsters the berlin stories whats your favorite color

The Black Prism
by Brent Weeks

I can’t remember ever reading a fantasy novel where I had such a difficult time determining who the good guys and bad guys really were. Brent Weeks completely rejects fantasy tropes like the flawless, handsome, inhumanly talented main hero; instead, we are given Kip, whose total incompetence shines like a fat, stupid beacon in a darkly unforgiving world. —Sean

The Way of Natural History
by Thom Fleischner

A window into one of the most important and least talked-about scientific fields, this book is an antidote for environmental despair. It reminds us that the natural world is wondrous and ever-present. —Ty

Cry, Heart, But Never Break
by Glenn Ringtved & Charlotte Pardi

“Some people say Death’s heart is as dead and black as a piece of coal, but that is not true. Beneath his inky cloak, Death’s heart is as red as the most beautiful sunset and beats with a great love of life.” This children’s book by a Danish author and illustrator team is a marvelously wise parable about death’s place in life. —Reva

The Shining
by Stephen King

Constantly teetering between reality and dreamland, this book will shake how you see the world around you — even with the lights on. —Bekah

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters
by Emil Ferris

This debut graphic novel about dark secrets and the monsters of the mind, told from the perspective of a precocious wolf-girl in 1960s Chicago trying to solve her neighbor’s murder, is a jaw-dropper, pure and simple. No aficionado of graphic novels or modern illustration can afford to miss this. (I’m neither, and I loved it anyway.) —Reva

The Berlin Stories
by Christopher Isherwood

A consuming retelling of the brilliance and reprobate nature of pre-WWII Berlin. Equally as devastating as it is inspiring. (Lacey and Reva love this too! Lose yourself in the seedy, glimmering, dangerous Berlin that inspired the musical “Cabaret” alongside the incomparable Mr. Isherwood). —Bekah

What’s Your Favorite Color?
by Eric Carle & Friends

Fifteen legendary children’s book illustrators wax poetic on their favorite colors in lush images and loving words. An innocent, rewarding sensory delight. —Reva