Staff Picks June 2018

hindu myths

Hindu Myths
translated by Wendy Doniger

This is the best “101” on the subject of Hindu myths available to the public. If you see any book about Hinduism with Wendy Doniger’s name on it, it’s a book worth reading. —Joe

in the droom

In the Droom
by Heitham Al-Sayed

In the Droom takes place in a shifting yet familiar subterranean, subconscious reality that is very similar to non-reality. A really wonderful book for a very particular reader. —David


by Ed McDonald

A dark, gritty, practical-minded fantasy with a good dose of humor and compelling characters. It’s fast-paced, too. —Sean

swing time

Swing Time
by Zadie Smith

This story of race, roots, and surviving childhood is an energetic dance through time and place, full of vivid imagery and harsh language. “Swing Time“ is a fight with the past, present, and future. —Lacey


by Brandon Sanderson

Our semi-heroic band of thieves conspires to overthrow a god-king who has ruled uncontested for a thousand years. Original and vibrant, this is some of fantasy lord Sanderson’s best work. —Sean


by Yaa Gyasi

An extraordinary exploration of slavery, both in the United States and Africa. Gyasi somehow makes this difficult subject entrancing, with wonderful characters and a feeling of hope, even beauty. A unique novel on an important subject. —Ty

Divine Tragedy
by Dan Drazen Mazur

Filled with profound hilarity, from dedication to valediction. When you read this, I’ll probably still be laughing. And it’s by a local author! —Bekah