Peregrine Comics Weekly Roundup Issue 5


This Week’s Top Dog Comic

Buy Detective Comics #1027 now! – Stadium Comics

Waaaaay back in 1939, Bruce Wayne made waves that will ripple across decades when he made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27, born from the genius minds of Bill Finger and Bob Kane. Now, 81 years and one thousand issues later, DC is celebrating the anniversary of the bat with this new, 144 page giant comic! It features the talents of some of DC’s biggest names as they each tell little one and done stories about Batman’s escapades over the years. And if you have been missing Alfred lately (rip), this may just be the issue to check out :)

Series Highlight By Aaron

Unfortunately, I was not able to read my pull this week, as sad as it is. But I’m not going to waste this opportunity to talk about these awesome back issues we have in the dollar bin! The Dreaming #1-3 (in the DC section) is a small story featuring Cain and Abel set in the Sandman Universe. Abel’s pet Golden Gargoyle, Goldie, has run away from home after seeing how poorly Cain treats his brother. Now the first children of Earth must trek across the Dreaming to find their beloved pet. This a very wholesome little story that may or may not have made me tear up. 

Series Highlight By Jasper

As someone who’s never played the Cyberpunk series but LOVES the genre (despite some of its glaring flaws), I’m really excited to read the rest of Trauma Team. This comic has already painted a beautiful, fascinating picture of the realities of first-responder healthcare in a hyper-capitalist, hyper-competitive world. Mostly split between flashbacks of our protag’s last mission and her psych eval after it, issue one opens up what’s sure to be a great miniseries.

This Week’s New Releases

DC Comics

  • Batman #99

  • Batman’s Grave #10

  • Catwoman #25

  • Dceased Dead Planet #1 4th Print

  • Dceased Dead Planet #2 2nd Print

  • Detective Comics #1027

  • Justice League #53

  • Metal Men #10

  • Strange Adventures #1, 3, 4 2nd Print

  • Teen Titans #45


Marvel Comics

  • Aero #11

  • Amazing Spider-Man: Sins of Norman Osborn #1

  • Captain America #23

  • Captain Marvel #19 2nd Print

  • Conan: Battle for Serpent Crown #5

  • Darth Vader #5

  • Empyre #4 2nd Print

  • Excalibur #12

  • Giant Size X-Men: Storm #1

  • Hellions #4

  • Immortal Hulk #0, 37

  • Iron Man #1

  • Star #2 2nd Print

  • Star Wars #6

  • Thor #7

  • True Believers X-Men: Cypher #1

  • True Believers X-Men: Havok #1

  • True Believers X-Men: Magik #1

  • X-Men #12

  • X-Men Marvels Snapshot #1


Indie Comics

  • Big Girls #2

  • Billionaire Island #6

  • Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #11

  • Faithless II #4

  • Fearless Dawn Meets Hellboy #1

  • Finger Guns #5

  • Firefly #20

  • Grit #3

  • Heavy #1

  • Mega Man: Fully Charged #1

  • Old Haunts #4

  • Once & Future #11

  • SlaughterHouse 5 OGN

  • Snake Eyes: Deadgame #1

  • Sonic the Hedgehog #31

  • Stillwater #1

  • Vampirella: Trial of the Soul #1

  • You Look Like Death #1


See Ya Next Week!