Peregrine Comics Weekly Roundup Issue 4



This Week’s Top Dog Comic

A blast from the past! Marvel is teaming up with Tsuburaya Productions to retell the origin story of 60s TV sensation, Ultraman! It’s full of Kaiju, Science, and Silver Age goodness! Fun for the whole family! I’ve never been much for cover collecting, but wow there sure are a lot of real good ones coming out from this book!


Series Highlight By Aaron

ArkWorld Vol. 1 Sells Out and Gets a Second Printing | Graphic Policy

When I start to get burned out on stories from the big two, I always try to branch out and read a new indie series that is just starting to get its feet off the ground. Luckily, last week we got the first volume of Arkworld by Josh Blaylock and artist Travis Hymel. Arkworld is basically an original graphic novel, but WAY less expensive since it is not a hardcover. Volume 1 is a lot of exposition, but it sure is one heck of a pay off. This series is set in a future world, but is still up to date on current references, like Joe Rogan of all people. As I was reading, I noticed a lot of the art and narrative is formed by callbacks to ancient American architecture and culture, which made the cliffhanger so much better. If you are a big history buff like I am, you’ll love this new series!

Series Highlight By Jasper

Of the handful of series that started last week, I’m the most hype about Grendel, Kentucky. This four-issue retelling of Beowulf centers around a rural crime family after the death of their patriarch, pulling his estranged biker daughter home and placing his son at the head of his cannabis empire. With a few tiny bits of exposition and lots of tension, this is already a fascinating series I’ll have to keep my eye on. 

This Week’s New Releases

DC Comics

  • Batman #90 3rd Print

  • Batman #96 (Restock)

  • Batman & The Outsiders #16

  • Batman: The Adventures Continue #1&2 2nd Print

  • Dark Nights Death Metal Guidebook #1

  • Dark Nights Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1

  • DC Classics the Batman Adventures #4

  • Flash #761

  • Green Lantern Season Two #7

  • Hawkman #27

  • Joker/ Harley: Criminal Sanity #5

  • Justice League Odyssey #24

  • Nightwing #74

  • Scooby Doo Where Are You #105

  • Strange Adventures #4 (Restock)

  • Superman #25

  • Wonder Woman #762


Marvel Comics

  • Amazing Spider-Man #48

  • Captain Marvel #21

  • Empyre Aftermath Avengers #1

  • Empyre Aftermath Fantastic Four #1

  • Magnificent Ms. Marvel #14

  • Marauders #12

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Black Cat Strikes #5

  • Ravencroft #5

  • Rise of Ultraman #1

  • Star #5

  • Star Wars Bounty Hunters #1 3rd Print

  • Star Wars Darth Vader #3 2nd Print

  • Strange Academy #2 3rd Print

  • Thor #1 3rd Print

  • Thor #3 4th Print

  • Thor #4 3rd Print

  • True-Believers X-men Empath #1

  • True-Believers X-men Greycrow #1

  • Web of Venom: Wraith #1

  • X-Factor #3

  • X-Force #12


Indie Comics

  • Bill and Ted Are Doomed #1

  • Cyberpunk 2077 #1

  • Lumberjanes #73

  • Marked #7

  • Oblivion Song #27

  • Reaver #11

  • Red Mother #8

  • Sex Criminals Special XXX #1

  • Something is Killing the Children #10

  • Sweetheart #5

  • Usagi Yojimbo Color Classics #7

  • Vlad Dracul #3

  • Wellington #5

  • Zombie Tramp #73


See Ya Next Week!