Peregrine Comics Weekly Roundup Issue 2


This Week’s Top Dog Comic

After the pulse pounding conclusion of DC Rebirth, nearly four and a half years ago, comes the answers we’ve all been waiting for, in Batman: Three Jokers. Waaaaay back in 2015, Batman sat himself down on the Mobius Chair, unraveling the secrets of the universe, chief among all, the revelation of three, unique Clown Princes of Crime running amuck across the DC Universe. Now, Justice League/ DC Rebirth writer, Geoff Johns comes to finish off his grand tale with fan-favorite artist, Jason Fabok. And you’re definitely getting bang for your buck, as this miniseries will have extra pages like most of the Black Label titles. This is a comic for the ages, and you better be ready, because a little bird told me that we won’t be getting THAT many copies (insert proper emoji here). 

Series Highlight By Aaron

Image result for batman 97 cover

Looks like it’s a Joker themed week here at the Roundup! James Tynion IV’s Batman run has just been high octane fun from the get-go, and issue #97 is no exception. #97 starts us off right in the middle of the Joker War, a mini event across all the Batman titles. Masked clowns run rampant across Gotham, and truth be told, Batman can’t be everywhere at once… so in steps Clownhunter, Gotham’s newest young vigilante! Plus, Punchline turns up the heat on Batman as she and her goons continue to barrate him and steal more of his company’s fortune. I was not the biggest fan of Tom King’s run, so it’s nice to see a completely different voice behind the character, which you can tell Tynion is having a blast writing.

Series Highlight By Jasper

I’m loving the monster-of-the-week vibe the last few Hellblazer books have had. After tackling nationalism, abusive relationships and other hard-hitting topics, this book focuses on the less public hobbies of the royal family and other aristocrats as John recounts a tale for a tabloid reporter in a seedy pub. It seems his future self is up to his usual antics, having given a rich creep the means to breed a magic horse. Our boy Constantine is called in to consult on the unusual pregnancy, and antics unfold from there. Spurrier and company continue to bring the heat (usually in the form of hellfire), and this book is a fantastic appetizer for the new Hellblazer: Rise and Fall series coming soon from DC Black Label.

This Week’s New Releases

DC Comics

  • Action Comics #1024

  • Amethyst #5

  • Batgirl #48

  • Batman Beyond #46

  • Batman Superman #11

  • Batman Three Jokers #1

  • Books of Magic #22

  • DK Death Metal #2 2nd print

  • Detective Comics #1026

  • Flash #760

  • Hellblazer #9

  • Justice League Dark #25

  • Last God #8

  • Legion of Super Heroes #8

  • Plunge #6

  • Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage #4

  • Red Hood Outlaw #48

  • Suicide Squad #8

  • Teen Titans Annual #2

  • Wonder Woman #761


Marvel Comics

  • 2020 Force Works #3

  • Aero #10

  • Amazing Spider-Man #47

  • Daredevil Annual #1

  • Empyre Avengers #3

  • Empyre Captain America #3

  • Excalibur #1 2nd Printing, Camuncoli Var.

  • Fantastic Four Antithesis #1

  • Ghost-Spider #10

  • Hellions #3

  • Immortal Hulk #35 2nd Printing, Alex Ross Var.

  • Iron Man 2020 #6

  • Spider-Man Noir #3

  • Star Wars Adventures: Clone Wars #4

  • Star Wars Doctor Aphra #3

  • Thor #1 2nd Printing, Nic Klein Var.

  • Thor #2 4th Printing, Nic Klein Var.

  • X-Factor #2

  • X-Men #11

  • X-Men #3 Alex Ross Marvels Var.

  • X-Men Fantastic Four #1 2nd Printing, Dodson Var. 

  • X-Men God Loves, Man Kills Extended Cut #2


Indie Comics

  • A Man Among Ye #1 2nd Printing

  • Amalgama Space Zombie Most Wanted #1

  • Angel & Spike #13

  • Billionaire Island #5

  • Blade Runner 2019 #9

  • Bliss #2

  • The Boys: Dear Becky #4

  • Canopus #1 2nd Printing

  • Chu #2

  • Engineward #2

  • Family Tree #8

  • Killadelphia #7

  • Locke & Key in Pale Battalions Go #1

  • Mercy #5

  • Nailbiter Returns #4

  • Nomen Omen #8

  • Spawn #309

  • Stray Bullets Sunshine & Roses #42

  • Sweet Heart #4

  • Tartarus #5

  • That Texas Blood #3

  • Unearth #7

  • Wynd #3

  • Xira #2


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