An Irish Wish (Irish Hearts) (Used Book)

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Roberts, Nora

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Roberts, Nora

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Even the most stubborn hearts will melt at the fiery passion of true love in these two classic stories

Irish Rose

Thorny, stubborn and strong, Erin McKinnon is as tough and beautiful as an Irish rose. Horse rancher Burke Logan is intrigued by his neighbors' cousin when he meets her on a trip to Ireland, but Erin thinks Burke is nothing but a brutish American. Impressed by her cleverness, and determined to win her over, Burke offers Erin a job at his farm in Maryland. It's a big change from her small Irish hometown, but she decides to take a chance. Even though it's clear that Burke is falling for Erin, this practical woman is determined to resist his smooth-talking flattery and bold matter how weak-kneed they make her feel.

Irish Rebel

As soon as he laid eyes on her, Brian Donnelly knew that Keeley Grant was off-limits. Hired on as a horse trainer at the Grant family's farm, Brian tries to keep his distance, dismissing Keeley as the boss's spoiled daughter. He soon learns that she's much more than that. Though Keeley continuously brushes Brian off, something about his intensity draws her in. Maybe it's his cocky grin, or his gentle way with animals, but strangely, Keeley finds herself dreaming about the Irish rogue. Working together is complicated, as are Keeley's new feelings, and trying to avoid each other could prove to be useless when there are so many reasons to give in to the promise of first love.