Gregory McNamee: Tortillas, Tiswin, & T-Bones | PowerPoint Presentation, Reading, Q&A, Booksigning

4 pm | SUNDAY, AUGUST 12tortillas, tiswin, and t bones

A popular speaker and well-known author of more than 40 books, Gregory McNamee has traveled the Southwest for decades in quest of the perfect taco—and the perfect plate of barbecue, and the perfect tamale, and the perfect chicken-fried steak, and … well, he’ll relate those culinary adventures and more at the Peregrine. Join us for this mouth-watering tour!

About the Book

In his new book Tortillas, Tiswin, and T-Bones: A Food History of the Southwest (University of New Mexico Press), which he’ll sign after the talk, Gregory McNamee explores the many ethnic and cultural traditions that have contributed to the food of the Southwest. McNamee traces the origins of the cuisine to the arrival of humans in the Americas, the work of the earliest farmers of Mesoamerica, and the most ancient trade networks joining peoples of the coast, plains, and mountains. From the ancient chile pepper and agave to the comparatively recent fare of sushi and Frito pie, this complex culinary journey involves many players over space and time. Born of scarcity, migration, and climate change, these foods are now fully at home in the Southwest of today—and with the “southwesternization” of the American palate at large, they are found across the globe, even as new immigrants to the Southwest bring new ingredients and new dishes to the region’s cuisine from every continent. McNamee extends that story across thousands of years to the present, even imagining what the southwestern menu will look like in the near future.

Praise for the Book

"Those with a taste for Southwestern cuisine will find their hunger satiated by this readable, authoritative culinary and cultural history." —Kirkus Reviews

"Gregory McNamee brings food to the table like none other, weaving the history of people, earth, plants, and animals into tales of ancient cocktails, salt-making, and the Mesoamerican sources of tamales. His ability to tease recipes and ingredients out of the past is uncanny. If we are what we eat, and live where we do, this book defines us to the core. Feast!" —Craig Childs, author of House of Rain and Apocalyptic Planet

About the Author

gregory mcnameeGregory McNamee is a writer, journalist, editor, photographer, and publisher. He is the author or title-page editor of more than forty books and author of more than six thousand periodical pieces, including articles, essays, reviews, interviews, editorials, poems, and short stories. He is a contributing editor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. He is also a contributing editor to Kirkus Reviews, the leading publication of the book trade. He writes regularly for many other journals and sites, and his work has appeared in such venues as Science, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Outside, Smithsonian, AARP, and Native Peoples.

McNamee operates Sonora Wordworks, an editorial and publishing service, and he has been involved in the publication of more than five hundred books. He is also the publisher of Polytropos Press. McNamee is a lecturer in the Economics Department of the Eller College of Management and research associate at the Southwest Center of the University of Arizona. He is also a longtime member of the Speakers Bureau of the Arizona Humanities Council. Learn more about Gregory McNamee »

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Sunday, August 12, 2018 - 4:00pm

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The Peregrine Book Company
219A North Cortez
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