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2 pm | SATURDAY, JANUARY 19how you can invest successfully

If you have ever wondered why the great investment creed of Buy Low, Sell High is so difficult to do, then Why Bad Things Happen to Good Investments was written for you. Will Hepburn is an off-Wall Street leader in the investment industry having managed two mutual funds, is Past President of the National Association of Active Investment Managers, and he is a college instructor having taught classes on investing and estate planning for 28 years at Yavapai College.

About the Book

In this book, author Will Hepburn looks at the investment creed—buy low, sell high as a two-part goal in which one must sell at some point to be successful, which is also the one thing Wall Street discourages investors from ever doing. This may sound a little strange, but investors rarely buy bad investments. Of course, there are some stinkers out there, but many more people lose money in good investments gone bad than ever lose money to crooks and bad investments. Why Bad Things Happen to Good Investments will help readers discover ways to avoid this common phenomenon.

In 2001 Enron, a large growing energy company suddenly collapsed into bankruptcy wiping out thousands of investors. Many would say Enron was a bad investment, but Enron made over 1,100 percent profit for people who knew to get out as the big slide began. So, even Enron started out as a good investment. What makes the difference between someone who made huge gains in Enron stock and those who lost everything and had to start over? Those who lost simply did not have a plan for when things change. The one thing that is as certain as death and taxes is that things are going to change. So why do investors routinely invest money without giving any thought to the ever-changing investment environment? Part of the reason is the thorough sales job from the well-polished marketing machine that Wall Street has built. They do such a good job of convincing investors that the offering they are considering is so solid, so timely, and priced so right that investors buy, buy, buy without much thought about how to protect their investment when times change. Why Bad Things Happen to Good Investments offers new ways to look at diversification that can help readers get better results from their investments. This book attempts to expose the industry’s structural problems that prevent it from best serving individual investors, and it shows how institutions often bet against individuals.

Will Hepburn urges readers: To assess whether or not your portfolio has effective diversification that can let it survive or even thrive in the next bear market, let me ask you, “How many investment strategies can you name?” If you have trouble answering that question, you should be sure to read Why Bad Things Happen to Good Investments.

About the Authorwill hepner

Will Hepburn is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Hepburn Capital Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor in Prescott, Arizona. He specializes in developing, implementing and teaching innovative investment strategies that Adapt to Changing Markets(SM). Hepburn began helping clients make smart decisions with their money in 1987. He practiced as a Certified Financial Planner from 1994-2006, and currently focuses exclusively on investment management. His academic record includes a major in business and economics at Ottawa University where he studied under Dr. Wayne Angell, a former Federal Reserve Board Governor. Hepburn graduated first in his class at the Institute of Computer Technology in Chicago, completed a number of post-graduate level courses with the College for Financial Planning in Denver, and is a college instructor. He has taught classes on investments and estate planning at Yavapai College in Prescott, AZ since 1990. His articles on financial topics have been published nationally and in best selling books such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki, and leading investment newsletters such as Dow Theory Letters and John Mauldin’s Thoughts from the Front Line. He frequently gives expert interviews to national media, including InvestmentNews, Kiplingers, Forbes, Fortune, CNNMoney and the Wall Street Journal. Hepburn is Past President of the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM) and has been the manager of two mutual funds. Learn more about Will Hepburn »

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Saturday, January 19, 2019 - 2:00pm

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