Author & Arizona Historian Zeke Crandall | Reading, Q&A, Booksigning

2 pm | SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17zeke crandall

Historical tour guide, author and Arizona historian, Zeke Crandall will be at the Peregrine to introduce his upcoming books, Boxing Referee and Death Cave. Eight of his other books will also be available for signing. Crandall will be at the store all day to autograph books.

About the Author

Zeke Crandall's family moved to Phoenix in 1955. He was nine years old, his sister Cathy was seven and their little brother George was a baby. He attended St Matthews Catholic Grade School, Carl Hayden High and Phoenix College. Crandall began writing at the age of 48, after befriending a member of the Mexican Mafia while working at a local Mexican Restaurant. The author states, "When he was killed I was so moved that I wrote his story, which I have still not published but it is coming. I truly enjoy showing off our great state and take readers on historical tours. There are so many great people who lived or touched the lives of all of us Arizonians. I will devote the rest of my life writing about these great people and their plight." Learn More about Zeke Crandall »

About the Author's Books

death caveThe Peaceful Navajo Indians living around Newberry and Garces Mesas, two villages that were located a few miles north of Wolf Crossing and Trading Post on the Little Colorado River on the southern border of the Navajo Reservation, woke up to a cold morning early in the month of June in the year 1878. In that early morning dawn, a coyote babbled, hardly unusual, but with it was answered by a gobbling turkey, a sign the doomed Navajo’s knew was the worst. The men grabbed weapons and rushed out to defend their village and their families. But they were too late. A hated Apache raiding party from the south had already closed in around the village. Gun explosions ripped the morning air. A few arrows feathered swiftly into human targets. Shrieking war cries of death, dusky Apache warriors charged five the community Hogan’s. Within minutes that bloody June dawn, 1878, all the men, women and children, except three young girls taken prisoners, were slain. Robbing the dead and pilfering Hogan’s for loot, the band of twenty raiders disappeared into the wastelands where their horses had been hidden from the sight of the villagers. What they did not know, was that they had taken three daughters of an area chiefs family. When he found out that his daughters were taken as slaves by the Apache raiding party, he put out a call for help. Twenty-five fighting Navajo warriors showed up at his village within one day. He and two other chiefs set out to find these marauding Apaches who they found after two full days of searching in a cave under the ghost town of Two Guns.

boxing refereeOn December the 2nd, 1896 a Heavyweight Championship fight was held in downtown San Francisco at the Mechanics Pavilion. A building that was destroyed by a 8.0 level earthquake that destroyed most of the city of San Francisco, California in 1906. But just ten short years earlier it was the site of one of the most incredible boxing match’s in the history of the fight game. What made This fight so unique was for two reasons, first Bob “Ruby” Fitzsimmons the number one contender when Champion Gentleman Jim Corbett retired was handed the championship belt and was making his first title defense against an unranked fighter, Tom “Sailor” Sharkey, who was a popular west coast pugilist. Tom “Sailor” Sharkey was given a shot at the title because he plummeted the prior champion, Jim Corbett around the ring for four rounds before the fight was stopped, because professional boxing was against the California State Law at that time. The second and most important factor was the choice of Wyatt Earp, the famous retired lawman and hero of the gunfight at the OK corral was named to be the referee, who at that time was also the judge. In this book the author goes into great detail the circumstances surrounding this incredible fight, a brief history of each participant and the fight itself. It is another amazing story in the life of Wyatt Earp.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018 - 2:00pm

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The Peregrine Book Company
219A North Cortez
Prescott, AZ 86301