"Co-Authoring Adventures," 5 Authors Reading, Q&A, Booksigning

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Connie Johnson, Jeffery Kirkendall, Carole R. Bolinski, Herbert Windolf, and Bill Lynam
Reading, Q&A, Booksigning
Five writers present their adventures collaborating with a spouse, friend or sibling. Hear the struggles, conflicts and laughter that each writer experienced on the journey to complete a book. One has to do with developing a transatlantic friendship. Another is a coming of age experience. The other authors share about soul-mates finding one another and sibling harmony. These story tellers reveal how in co-authorship their stories and poetry exceeded what one could have accomplished alone.
Connie Kramer
About the Authors

Connie Johnson wrote Farm Kids, A 1950s Wisconsin Memoir, with her sister, Dianne. A graduate of Wisconsin State University-Eau Claire, Connie crossed over from short story to novel writing to poetry. Her short stories have been published by Standard; her poems in Leaves of Poetry, Grandmother Earth, Grandfather, Father and Me.Jeffery Kirkendall

Jeffery Kirkendall. Pioneers in the treatment of Childhood Sexual Abuse (C.S.A.), Jeffery and his wife worked together for eighteen years as a therapy team providing services to nearly two thousand families. Carol's personal recovery from extreme abuse and Jeffery's experiences as her husband and best friend for thirty years made this co-authorship rich in exceptional adventures.
CR Bolinski
Carole R Seldin-Bolinski (aka CR) has published mystery short stories and poetry. Her poetry credits include winning the Oregon State Poetry Association’s new poet’s category for The Car, publications in Yavapai College’s Threshold, Monsoon Magazine’s Poetry Corner, What’s Nature Got To Do With It (2011), Mountains Valleys & Oceans (2013) and Almost Winter (2014). She’s also a participant in the “Mad Women Poets of Prescott.”
Herbert Windolf
Born in 1936 in Germany, Herbert Windolf is a German citizen. Since 1992, he has resided in Prescott, Arizona, where he has facilitated various courses at an adult education center. He holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. He has translated and published seventeen books including five hundred poems of three German authors. His latest publication is a collection of his own poems called Observations and Reflections.Bill Lynam

William “Bill” Lynam, co-authored the book with his brother, Dick, Footloose Pilgrims, A Journal of Moped Travels Through Europe. Bill is the Public Affairs Officer for the local squadron of the Civil Air Patrol, has authored articles for several trade journals and written memoir for the Daily Courier’s Days Past column. Currently he is working on an anthology of Steampunk short stories.

About the Author's BooksFarm Kids

The memories of two sisters growing up on a farm in Wisconsin make up Farm Kids, A 1950s Wisconsin Memoir, by Connie Johnson. The memories are sweet, and sentimental, but regardless of that, the book is a great resource for anyone studying or teaching about the culture of the 1950’s. It provides a glimpse into the day-to-day life of a midwestern farmer, or how family life was in the era before television took over. One thing that is very noticeable is the fact that the children were not the center of the family’s life. Kids were loved but expected to pull their own weight around the house. Parents didn’t sacrifice their own comfort for that of the children. This was true of the Johnson family also. The sisters take turns writing chapters, and their memories on events is sometimes different. At the end of each chapter they describe how a particular experience affected them in their adult lives.Without Consent

Without Consent: How to Overcome Childhood Sexual Abuse by Carol Jarvis-Kirkendall & Jeffery Kirkendall. This internationally regarded book is for adults who were victims of childhood sexual abuse. In a compassionate and sensitive manner the authors offer useful information and practical strategies for breaking free of an abusive past and celebrating life. It is a must-read resource for families, friends, professionals, clergy, and teachers.Pearls Beneath the Rind

Carole R Seldin-Bolinski's Pearls Beneath The Rind invites the reader to enter the world of an older brother and younger sister of vastly different character and lifestyle. Although Pearls does not deal with Richard and Carole's relationship or the relationships between siblings, it demonstrates the divergent ways in how two siblings have experienced themselves and the world. As important, their cooperative act in writing it affirms that even heavily conflicted sibling relationships can substantially improve.
Footloose Pilgrims
Footloose Pilgrims by Bill Lyman follows the coming-of-age pilgrimage of two brothers during their five month travels across Europe. Hitchhiking through England, Ireland and Scotland, they crossed the English Channel, then bicycled and motor-biked over 5,000 kilometers around Europe before sailing home via South America and Cuba to Florida. In the course of their sojourn, they saw Europe rebuilding after WWII, with scars still in evidence. They explored their ancestral origins in Ireland, were awed by the western culture in Greece and Italy, and viewed Christian and pre-Christian edifices, art and relics of past civilizations. The Lynam brothers’ Footloose Pilgrims treats readers to a virtual tour. Dick and Bill Lynam both serve as models for anyone seeking new adventures as they did, to see new places, have new experiences and encounter new languages and people.Year Mirrored Poems

The Year Mirrored in Poems translated by Herbert Windolf, is the story of a German-American friendship that has endured through the power of poetry to create a bridge across the Atlantic. As one of the former emigrant's stories undertook many of Annemarie's selected poems on a long journey "from coast to coast" to set in a richly-filled response from overseas back to shore and to anchor here. "They are the young age friendship that can revitalize and refresh. To me she fell from the sky over my poems! The poet Anne Marie says about her recent experience of a careful cooperation that can provide new insights both for English readers in Germany as well as Germans in the US.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015 - 2:00pm

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