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Local or Self-Published Author Event Application

Dear Authors and Presenters,

Here at the Peregrine Book Company we do our best to support and promote local and self-published authors. In this effort, we do not charge presenters for hosting the event (many other independent bookstores charge presenters up to $300 per event). However, for an event to be successful, it takes much more than just the marketing we can provide as a store.

Scheduling an event alone is often not enough to ensure an audience. Many times we have hosted events for successful, award-winning authors, only to have just a few attendees. It is important to consider that a person must already be very interested in an author or book in order to attend an event. Also, please note that the Peregrine will not host any event that we deem to be politically partisan or incompatible with the local community.

With this in mind, authors should consider several things before deciding to pursue giving a presentation at the Peregrine. Please answer the following questions in order to help us ascertain whether or not an event might be successful.

  1. Events at the store can include talks about an author’s work, readings from the work itself, PowerPoint presentations, instructional workshops, and often Q&A segments as well. What kind of event are you proposing, and how long might your event last?
  2. Who is your target audience for this event, and why might they be interested in attending?
  3. Are you affiliated with any groups, community organizations or institutions that will come to support you? Explain.
  4. The Peregrine promotes events through the store website, emailed newsletters to patrons, and with ads in local publications like 5enses. What will you do to further promote your event?
  5. Does your work have any credits (positive reviews, awards, blurbs from well-known people, etc.) that would attract an audience? Do you have any earlier works with these things?
  6. What is your own history? What kind of credits or experience (especially but not exclusively related to your book) do you have that would attract an audience?
  7. Can you provide us with a photo of yourself, your book cover, and a short bio? Is there a website where these things are available?

If you can answer these questions with detail and are confident that you will have a successful event at the Peregrine, please send your responses (less than one page is preferred) to susan@peregrinebookcompany.com for consideration and we’ll be in touch with you. Thank you very much for your interest in the store, and best of luck with your work!



The Peregrine Book Company

Reminder: Applying for an event is not a guarantee that we will schedule an event.

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