Maria and the Stars of Nazca: Maria y las Estrellas de Nazca (Paperback)

Maria and the Stars of Nazca: Maria y las Estrellas de Nazca By Anita Jepson-Gilbert Cover Image
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Imagine a secret so large, no one could see it-even if it was lying out in broad daylight Such was the secret hidden in the Nazca desert of Peru. Here, ancient line drawings were so large that people couldn't see them from the ground. It was not until airplanes began to fly over that region that the great lines and figures could be viewed plainly. One of the first people to discover the Nazca Lines was a German mathematician named Maria Reiche. She was so fascinated by this place that she decided to live on the desert, where she spent most of the rest of her life, studying and mapping the Lines. Maria formed a theory about them that they are related to the placement of stars, the sun and the moon, but no one knows for sure how and why the Lines were made. One day maybe someone will finally unlock the mystery of the Nazca Lines. It could be you

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ISBN: 9798886406214
Publisher: Ewings Publishing LLC
Publication Date: January 15th, 2023
Pages: 38
Language: English