Gender Equity & Reconciliation: Thirty Years of Healing the Most Ancient Wound in the Human Family (Paperback)

Gender Equity & Reconciliation: Thirty Years of Healing the Most Ancient Wound in the Human Family By William Keepin Ph. D., Rev Cynthia Brix Ph. D., Mpho Tutu Van Furth (Foreword by) Cover Image
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Gender equity is woefully overdue--we cannot wait any longer. Yet gender equity will wait, just as it has for thousands of years, until women and men and people of all genders co-create it together. One-sided solutions are not enough, and shame and blame will get us nowhere. The new pathway to healing and creating right relations between the genders can only be forged by courageously confronting gender injustice from all sides, and moving through the ensuing 'collective alchemy' to transform gender injustice from the inside out.

Inspired by the principles of Truth and Reconciliation developed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in South Africa, the Gender Equity and Reconciliation international (GERI) process has been implemented over three decades for thousands of people on six continents. Guided by the twin powers of truth and love, and supported by skillful facilitation, the GERI process--as demonstrated in this book--creates safe forums to empower the unraveling of gender and sexual
conditioning with alchemical depth and acumen, and initiate a whole new culture of gender relations and beloved community.

With contributions from dozens of GERI participants, twelve distinguished world leaders in related fields, and special inserts from such notable persons as
Stanislav Grof, M.D., Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, and Peter Rutter, M.D., this book is an invaluable resource for laypersons and professionals, politicians and psychotherapists, educators and religious leaders, who are eager to discover new proven pathways to transform gender-based conflicts and address the needs of young and old in their homes, therapy practices, organizations, and congregations across the globe.
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