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A book of beauty, hope and dignity that can be given to anyone - at any stage. Advises and reassures people who are facing death, and their friends, families and carers. Charts pathways from fear to courage, loss to discovery and from denial to insight. Inspires with moving and powerful quotations from major religions and cultures. Offers complementary therapies such as massage, aromatherapy and shiatsu.

About the Author

Richard Reoch has devoted his life to defending human rights, working for peace and protecting the environment. Born in Toronto, Canada, he was raised in a Buddhist family, eventually serving as the President of Shambhala, one of the largest Buddhist organizations in the world, from 2002 to 2015. He joined the International Secretariat of Amnesty International (1971-1993), becoming its global media chief (1980 - 1993). He then served as a trustee of The Rainforest Foundation (1996 - 2015). He continued his work for human rights and peace, engaging with organizations in Northern Ireland (1994 - 2009) and Sri Lanka (1995 - present). He is now a global advocate of cross-cultural communication and inter-faith understanding, speaking out on the rising tide of hatred and violence. In parallel with his life in public advocacy, he studied the Chinese classical arts of Tai Chi Chuan and Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung for 30 years with Master Lam Kam Chuen, trained as a practitioner of the Shiatsu system of energetic healing, and is the author of Dying Well: A Holistic Guide for the Dying and their Carers.
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ISBN: 9781725268159
ISBN-10: 1725268159
Publisher: Resource Publications (CA)
Publication Date: November 23rd, 2020
Pages: 192
Language: English