The Innkeeper's Story (Paperback)

The Innkeeper's Story By Steve Knighton, Shane Knighton Cover Image
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Most of us rarely acknowledge that God is using us for his greater purposes. That we are lead and ultimately placed in positions to accomplish his will. The Innkeeper is convinced he leads an unimaginative life filled with troubles, temptations and travails much like the majority of mankind. Yet God's purpose is wondrously and profoundly manifest in the Innkeeper's life story. His poignant portrayal of encounters with the Messiah are unique in explaining the important, yet heretofore, unresolved explanations of how overwhelmingly significant biblical phenomena came to fruition. Ever consider who aided Mary in her childbirth? Ever contemplate the process of acquiring the colt that carried Jesus on Palm Sunday? Ever ponder the acquisition of the communion cup from the Last Supper? Ever reflect on the logistics of Jesus' body from the cross to the tomb? Our short story is an alternative account that answers these questions. We trust you will enjoy this didactic short story inspired from the Holy Bible. We believe it is a blending of holy scripture with a major portion of fictional efficacy.
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ISBN: 9781662871238
ISBN-10: 1662871236
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2023
Pages: 108
Language: English