A Tribute to Forgotten Scholars (Paperback)

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This book highlights the unique personalities that influenced the author to whom he gives special thanks and tribute to God. We are all products of our genetics and influences such as teachers and friends. Ken, Russell, and this author fellowshipped together for over 50 years, studied the Scriptures together, and together developed a ministry philosophy with unique convictions in such areas as pastoral ethics, dispensationalism, and the Holy Spirit's role in the inner life of the believer. In addition, in this book is an outstanding original critique of nationally known Bible teachers who claim that Bible words do not have a meaning in themselves only in context. This article demonstrates that etymology is valid to interpret Scripture. Why are the roots of Bible words vital and important to understand word meanings? This is a critical issue in the doctrine of "verbal inspiration." This important article is written by Dr. Daniel Brown, professor at Faith Baptist Seminary, Ankeny, Iowa and was a student of Dr. Kenneth Brown.
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ISBN: 9781630730352
ISBN-10: 1630730351
Publisher: Faithful Life Publishers
Publication Date: June 12th, 2014
Pages: 204
Language: English