The Berlinetta Lusso (Paperback)

The Berlinetta Lusso By Kurt H. Miska Cover Image


Subtitled: A Ferrari Of Unusual Elegance. Many Ferrari enthusiasts and experts acknowledge that this book is the best in-depth analysis of the Ferrari Lusso (1962-1964) ever published. Originally published in 1978 in landscape (horizontal) format by John W. Barnes Jr., the VelocePress edition presented here has been reformatted into a more conventional and manageable (vertical) format. With the exception of a few minor typographical errors that have been corrected, the contents remain unchanged from the original version and have not been updated. The appeal of the Lusso was eloquently summarized by Hans Tanner and Doug Nye in their book "Ferrari," where they wrote, "The two-seat Berlinetta Lusso will remain one of the most graceful of all attainable Ferraris. It was never produced in great numbers, and the modest concession it made for road-going comfort made it a specialized bridge between increasingly luxurious production road cars and the full-house competition 250 GTO.
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