The Therapy (Paperback)

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The Therapy is an absolutely fantastic piquant plot, delightfully crafted where romance accentuate a high degree of sensuality in an inter-racial marriage between Vije and Dr.Sarani. Vije met with a nasty car accident and his right leg was severely fractured. Sarani with her potentially effective treatment cured him in a short span of time. They opened up a Holiday Resort and an Orthopedic Clinic in the Maldives. She discovered a therapy for painless child birth and HIV virus which brought her laurels. She migrated to Canada where circumstances force her to involve in an undue affair with Vije's brother who was afflicted with Aids. He was gunned down and Vije was taken as prime suspect. He was imposed with death sentence to execute on electric chair according to the new enactment of the Penal code which was introduced to curb the ever escalating homicides in Canada. Vije got a dramatic release from the jail and story moves in suspense.

The Therapy provides a clear answer to the existing dissensions and holocausts in every parts of the globe where less knowledgeable people with blind faith and racial misconceptions commit heinous crimes.

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ISBN: 9781450207669
ISBN-10: 1450207669
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: February 16th, 2010
Pages: 536
Language: English