Love-Based Online Marketing: Campaigns to Grow a Business You Love AND That Loves You Back (Paperback)

Love-Based Online Marketing: Campaigns to Grow a Business You Love AND That Loves You Back By Michele Pw (Pariza Wacek) Cover Image
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Part of the award-winning Love-Based Business series that has been featured on numerous media outlets including CBS and NPR.

Do you hate marketing?

You're not alone. Millions of entrepreneurs and business owners would rather do nearly anything else than market their business.

The problem is marketing is also critical to the success of your business.

So, what do you do? Force yourself to do it and suffer? Or don't do it and hope for the best?

Well, what if there was a third option? What if there was a marketing strategy out there that was perfect for you? A marketing strategy you ENJOYED doing.

Would that make marketing easier and (dare we say it) more fun?

If the answer is yes, Michele PW has the answer for you. It's her Love Your Marketing Assessment, which is designed to help you pinpoint the precise marketing strategy that's perfect for you. (Michele calls it your Marketing Love Factor.)

And the best part? That assessment is included in the Love-Based Online Marketing book.

Plus, you'll also discover exactly how you can create an Online Marketing Plan around your Marketing Love Factor. So, you'll not only love your marketing (yes really ) but your marketing will love you back.

It really can be that simple.

About the Author

When Michele was 3 years old, she taught herself to read because she wanted to write stories so badly. As you can imagine, writing has been a driving passion throughout her life. She became a professional copywriter (which is writing promotional materials for businesses), which led to her founding a copywriting and marketing company that serves clients all over the world. Along with being a copywriter, she also writes novels (in fact, she just published her first novel, a psychological thriller/suspense/mystery called "The Stolen Twin" and her second novel "Mirror Image'" is set to be published in May 2016) plus, she is also the author of the "Love-Based Copy" books, which are a part of the "Love-Based Business" series and cover both business and personal development. She holds a double major in English and Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently she lives in the mountains of Prescott, Arizona with her husband Paul and her border collie Nick and southern squirrel hunter Cassie.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780996826075
ISBN-10: 0996826076
Publisher: Love-Based Publishing
Publication Date: April 24th, 2016
Pages: 172
Language: English