Road Report 2000 (Paperback)

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With 400 information-packed pages and over 1000 full color photographs, 2000 ROAD REPORT(C) is the best to buying a new car. Included are details on every model not easily found anywhere else:
-- historical overview of the model's development
-- safety features
-- depreciation rate
-- operating costs per mile
-- insurance premium data
-- sales performance
-- market share
-- overall evaluation typical customer profile
-- destination charge
-- minimum and maximum pricing for better bargaining
-- behind-the-scene anecdotes

The listings on the hundreds of models contain comprehensive information on Model Range, Technical Features, Pros and Cons, and a Conclusion, all of which include comments on: style, performance, value, handling, interior and exterior design, traction control, visibility, engine size, rigidity, brakes, storage, fuel consumption, soundproofing, cabin space, steering, cockpit, transmission, access, engine, maneuverability, instruments, ride comfort and ergonomics.

The full page, easy-to-read spread on each model also includes:
-- ratings of the model concept, driving, original equipment, comfort and budget, plus an overall rating
-- new features for year 2000 models
-- engine, transmission and performance specs
-- price and equipment details
-- warranties offered

As well, the At a offers the model history, model comparisons, demographic data, insurance and sales numbers, specs and warranty maintenance requirements.

2000 ROAD REPORT (C) includes every major car maker, plus some of the specialized manufacturers, Lamborghini, Ferrari and AM General, maker of the Hummer. Also included is information aboutwhat's new in automobile technology, as well as full-color spreads on the world's major auto shows in Tokyo, Geneva, New York and Detroit. With a glossary and over 1000 full-color photos, 2000 ROAD-REPORT(C) is absolutely packed with information.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780762845767
ISBN-10: 0762845767
Publisher: Booksales
Publication Date: December 1st, 2002
Pages: 399
Language: English