The Sales Bible (Hardcover)

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Salespeple are looking for one thing . . . answers. In The Sales Bible, Jeffrey Gitomer describes methods and techniques that really work—every day, in real-world selling situations. In short . . . answers. Carry it with you—overcome objections as they happen. Read one short chapter in The Sales Bible and watch your sales results improve immediately. The book is a gold mine of practical, hands-on information for sales professionals, with tips that include:

  • The 39.5 ways to sales success
  • Top-Down Selling-the real secret to finding the decider
  • 25 ways to get the appointment that has eluded you
  • 19.5 buying signals-how to recognize them and when to close the sale
  • Real-world advice on working a room and building your network
  • How to fill your sales pipeline with prospects ready to buy
  • How to use the right questions to make more sales in half the time
  • 10 great cold-call opening lines
  • How to find the hot button and push it once you find it
  • Hundreds of techniques and sales methods . . . to help you get the toughest buyer to say "yes"

    The Flash Cards
    Twenty-four pocket-sized flash cards are included for last-minute review before a crucial sales call or for a quick shot of motivation between appointments.

  • About the Author

    Jeffrey Gitomer is a global authority on sales and customer service, and his books have sold more than a million copies world-wide. The Sales Bible, now an industry classic, has been a steady best seller for over a decade. Based on the principle of sales education with real-world, proven results, this book gives you cutting-edge information and answers you can take into the street and turn into money the same day.

    Product Details
    ISBN: 9780688133641
    Publisher: William Morrow
    Publication Date: November 22nd, 1994
    Pages: 352
    Language: English