Economic Revolution (Paperback)

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The Twelve Steps of the Economic Revolution provide real, workable solutions for people who reject the 'fixed game' that the financial industry cronies have setup to make the rich richer, the poor poorer, and the middle class an endangered species in our post-industrial economy. This book serves as a guide for people who want to opt-out of their prescribed role as a 'willing victim' whose destiny is determined by more powerful people, as well as those who seek the vast financial rewards that self-empowered citizens gain from actively shaping the economic system they rely upon for their survival and happiness. If implemented by even a small portion of the population the Economic Revolution will provide full employment for its participants, all the money entrepreneurs will need to supply these jobs, lucrative investment opportunities for people at all income levels, and a healthier and happier culture for people to work and live in.
About the Author
Mr. Kerry Power has been a successful entrepreneur and social activist for over thirty years. In addition to his extensive experience in the Alternative Energy and Internet Technology industries, Kerry has also worked with the nation's largest grass-roots organizations, from both liberal and conservative camps, to provide a variety of non-partisan voter education publications to dedicated activists across the nation. 'Economic Revolution' takes Kerry's commitment to social and economic improvement to the next level, launching his new trilogy of solution-oriented instruction manuals for restoring America's famed standard of living, and celebrated way of life.
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ISBN: 9780615420912
ISBN-10: 0615420915
Publisher: Van Publishing
Publication Date: December 1st, 2010
Pages: 384
Language: English