Staff Picks February 2017

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Three Moments of an Explosion
by China Miéville
A collection of short stories, ranging from somewhat odd to completely absurd. The range of styles and moods expressed in Miéville’s work is impressive to say the least. For a quick taste, I’d recommend The Rope Is The World and The Crawl. —Sean

And Then There Were None
by Agatha Christie

Arguably the single best story penned by the most popular mystery author of all time. And Then There Were None is full of subtle guidance and misdirection; I challenge any reader who claims to have predicted the simply unpredictable conclusion of this timeless mystery. Sean

Based On A True Story
by Norm Macdonald
At first glance, Macdonald’s book seems like the typical autobiography you’ve come to expect from a comedian. However, the brilliance of the novel is that it’s an “honest” work of fiction with bits of truth sprinkled in. Joe

by Carson Ellis
Beautiful illustrations. Wonderful storyline. Open it up and see! Jon

Into The Dark
by Mark Vieira

Simply put: This book is packed with absolutely gorgeous black & white stills from the Noir era of crime films in the ’40s/’50s. My favorite book in the store. Joe

by Vladimir Nabokov

A story of doubles and dopplegangers. Pay very close attention to each paragraph, sentence and word with this story because as soon as you think you’ve figured everything out, Nabokov turns everything upside down. The key is to look beneath the surface. A perfect example of the secrets within the wordplay is held within the title itself. Joe

by Sady Doyle
A funny, passionate, and compassionate second take on the public lives of women guaranteed to make you reexamine attitudes you take for granted. I loved it. If you’re female, or care about someone who is, do read this!Reva

The Girls
by Emma Cline
Though inspired by Charles Manson and the infamous murders, Emma Cline’s The Girls’ real subject is girls — their vulnerability and anger, their hunger to be noticed and loved. Insightful, haunting, and beautifully written! Michaela