Staff Picks December 2017

architecture on the carpet weird love the white road coming to my senses
down and out in paris and london the book of the cat city on fire a plague of giants

Architecture on the Carpet
by Brenda & Robert Vale

This is definitely not a book for everyone because it’s focused on a single subject. However, to this reader, it’s absolutely fascinating to see the comparison between the birth of construction toys and modern architecture. —Joe

Weird Love
by Clizia Gussoni & Craig Yoe

It’s difficult to describe why I found myself drawn to the point of obsession with this series of comics. They read like strange soap operas from the 1950s. It’s absurd kitsch. I guess they just feel like home to me. —Joe

Mystifyingly absorbing and entertaining vignettes of some truly weird loves indeed. I’ve had many an incredulous laugh over these satisfyingly pulpy bits. —Reva

The White Road
by Edmund de Waal

A thorough examination of porcelain’s long history, beauty, and how it has enchanted cultures for years.—Lacey

Coming to my Senses
by Alice Waters

With language that is straightforward and simple, it doesn’t take long to realize Alice Waters is sharp, witty, and brave. —Lacey

Down and Out in Paris and London
by George Orwell

With rebellious clarity, Orwell’s reflections on the reality of extreme poverty in Paris and London are both sobering and graphic. —Lacey

The Book of the Cat
by Angus Hyland

Famous artists show some love for our furry friends. My new favorite book. —Susannah

Exquisite, witty, reverent renderings of cats in their manifold poses and moods: languorous, intent, self-contained, poised, bemused, radiantly blissful, politely dubious. A miniature treasury of fine art classic and modern, essential for every person blessed with the good taste and fortune to enjoy the company of cats. —Reva

City on Fire
by Garth Risk Hallberg

This novel, Hallberg’s first, is stellar. I marveled in the beauty of his sentences, fell in love with his characters, and didn’t want it to end. Well worth the commitment! —Ty

A Plague of Giants
by Kevin Hearne

Did you enjoy the Iron Druid series by Mr. Hearne? Or have you not read him before? Well, either way, buy this book. —Jon

Kevin Hearne writes sheer candy for all lovers of myth, RPGs (D&D, anyone?), clever action-packed fantasy, and wisecracking dogs. Fun, violent, and solidly grounded in world mythology. —Reva