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2 pm | SATURDAY, MARCH 18Sue Wilkes

Join Sue Wilkes, Ph.D. as she explores the astrological aspects of the country and the recently elected president. Knowledge of astrology is not a prerequisite to attending this presentation. Handouts will provide the basic knowledge of symbols and expressions of each of the celestial bodies as well as astrological charts for the United States and the President. A Resource list will also be provided. Your presence – and participation – is welcome!

About the Presentation

In astrological parlance, we are said to be evolving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius – Aquarius being the part of the sky into which that our Solar System is moving. The archetype of Aquarius is about concern for all of humanity – sometimes to the detriment of the personal. It is about “. . . equality and diversity, innovation and reform, and community and collaboration” (Austin, Stephanie. “Aquarius New Moon.” January 27, 2017. Aquarius is ruled by the Planet Uranus, which is about rapid and unexpected change. Uranus rules events and items such as computers, cyber communication, technological inventions, the worldwide web, “instantaneous” communication of all types, flight, connections, freedom for the masses, breakthroughs and breakouts, and the unexpected. 

This presentation will use an Archetypal Astrology approach – including mythic interpretations – to look at the patterns and major themes of the natal chart of the United States (July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm, Philadelphia, PA), as well as the current and upcoming transits, including primarily Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and the dwarf planet (newly discovered) Eris, the goddess of Strife and sister of Mars. We will look briefly also at the chart of the newly elected President which will enable us to understand in an archetypal fashion more of who and why he is who he is. The United States chart shows clearly that it is a time of major transformation for our country, as reflected in the upcoming return of the dwarf planet Pluto to the point in the United States chart where it was at the time of our nation’s birth (27 degrees Capricorn) on February 20, 2022.  Pluto is the god of Hades. This archetypal energy is about transformation and brings forth and makes visible that which heretofore has been hidden and which needs to be changed. To understand what is unfolding allows us to revision what is happening in a way that will empower each of us to participate positively and with hope as we move through the transformation of our country and ourselves.  

Astrology in a Quantum World:  Revisioning the current charts of the United States and the new President
by Sue Wilkes, Ph.D. 02.05.17

Our world is shifting from the mechanistic, Newtonian worldview to a Quantum worldview in which everything and everyone is interconnected. The Quantum worldview postulates that in a conscious Universe people and planets are woven into the same seamless Web of Being. This Web of Being has other names, e.g.  The Field, Zero Point Field, Quantum Field, the Plenum, the Void, the Implicate Order, and the Akashic Field, among others.  At times of massive change, turmoil and chaos may ensue, as the old has not yet dissolved, and the new is yet to be formulated, structured, and accepted. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift, moving from the Industrial Age to the Age of Information. This is a time in which new worldviews or paradigms are emerging, but the old are yet to dissolve or evolve.  It is a time of conflicting beliefs and ideas and behaviors and the “old” becomes more entrenched as the “new” becomes stronger. And these different worldviews manifest via diverse social, economic, political, and cultural organizational structures. (See the work of Don Beck and Christopher Cowan, Spiral Dynamics.  Blackwell Publishing: Malden, MA. 1996).

There are at least three primary elements of the Quantum worldview that relate to and underlie astrology: 1) Interconnectedness - because of the underlying Ground of Being, everything (and everyone) is connected; 2) Non-locality - a principle by which a change in one place is seen in another non-contiguous place with no apparent physical causality; 3) Holism – the whole is encapsulated in the part; therefore looking at one part enables ones to see the whole. The Quantum worldview or paradigm suggests “that the orbiting planets of our solar system in outer space and the archetypal order of the inner space of one’s psyche are not separate realms, but different dimensions of a single, unitary reality” (Keiron Le Grice, The Archetypal Cosmos.  p. 264. Floris Books: Edinburgh, Scotland. 2010). In other words, Quantum physics demonstrates that there is no separate objective reality, and there is a correspondence between planetary patterns and cycles and the themes of the human psyche and world history. (See Richard Tarnas. Cosmos & Psyche: Intimations of a New World View. Viking: Penguin. New York, New York. 2006)

In Archetypal Astrology, as in the Quantum world, reality is a “participatory happening”  – a quality that significantly impacts how an astrological chart is envisioned and explained. This participatory understanding allows us to revision the symbolic system of Astrology so that it is not a fated paradigm, but one in which the individual – with the knowledge gained by understanding one’s astrological chart and the ongoing planetary transits – has the ability to be aware of what the cosmic influences are and to then decide how to positively take action to benefit and learn from these events.  

Another integral aspect of the Quantum Worldview is that of archetypes. An archetype is a form or pattern that emerges from the Ground of Being and is expressed in accordance e with one’s worldview and developmental phase or state of consciousness. Archetypes shape both mind and matter and can be seen in the physical as well as the non-physical world, e.g., ideas and attitudes as well as physical activities and actions. This concept was put forth by psychiatrist Carl Jung in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in his Analytical Psycholgy. Today it is also clearly elucidated in the writings of Ph.D. biologist/biochemist Rupert Sheldrake. Sheldrake uses the term “morphic fields” in lieu of “archetypes.” He calls these fields “M-fields” and describes them as “form shaping fields” that are present in all of creation. Specifically Sheldrake states: “My hypothesis is that societies have social and cultural morphic fields which embrace and organize all that resides within them.”   And “A society, although comprised of . . . numerous individual beings, can function and respond as a unified whole . . . due to its morphic field.”  (Rupert Sheldrake. Morphic Resonance: The Nature of Formative Causation. 3rd ed. Park Street Press. Rochester, Vermont. 2009.)

In Archetypal Astrology the planets and other celestial bodies represent various archetypes that can be represented by mythic figures. Each of us – every day – lives out our individual myth, and understanding one’s astrological chart reveals to us exactly what these myths are. As symbolic stories, myths are not to be taken literally. They “point to” rather than speak clearly; they change as cultures evolve. They open us to an expanded awareness and many times, to an expanded mode of consciousness that goes beyond that of the senses and the intellect. This type of knowing bridges the left brain (Saturn) and the right brain (Uranus). It is a “reflective consciousness or awareness” that connects the physical realm with the non-physical realm.

An astrological chart reflects the position of planetary bodies in the sky at the time of birth (of a person, a nation, or any entity).  Literally the word “horoscope” means “a picture of the hour.” The position of the planets symbolically reflect one’s psyche (including that of a nation or entity).  Archetypal Astrology looks at an astrological chart and sees not problems, but stories. The planets or archetypes are the characters, and each of us is the Director of how the story plays out. Archetypal Astrology, unlike traditional astrology, is “value neutral” in that it does not identify a planet or an aspect as “good” or “bad.” Instead, it sees each planetary archetype as expressing on a spectrum.  It is about awareness rather than judgment. 

About Sue Wilkes

Sue holds a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA,  and an MSW in Psychiatric Social Work from San Diego State. Post graduate training includes Executive Coaching Certification program, certification by the Academy of Guided Imagery, Graphic Design Certification program and a Community College Credential. She served as a consultant for the British Broadcasting Company (BBC, London, UK) and created Assessment Tools adopted by the Berkeley CA School of Social Work. Over the last many years (25+) she has presented numerous workshops and classes in diverse venues, ranging from national conferences to in-home presentations, including University of California, Irvine, CA Community Colleges, Institute of Noetic Sciences gatherings, national Adoption Conferences, as well as various medical venues and bookstore gatherings. Topics have ranged from Managed Care to Meditation, from Emotional Intelligence to Ancient Spirituality. She is the author of The Wild Sacred and co-author with astrologer Brenda Black, ISAR, of Revisioning Lilith: Reemergence of the Chthonic Feminine Archetype.  Sue came to Prescott from the forests of northern California via a brief stay in New Orleans during Katrina, and now resides here with her two best friends, kitty cats Topaz and Lille.  Her astrology practice is Spirit Wolf Astrology, and she can be reached at 928-776-3006 or by e-mail @  

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Saturday, March 18, 2017 - 2:00pm

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The Peregrine Book Company
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