Deborah Lucas: Introduction to Qigong | Presentation

6 pm | FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10Deborah Lucas

Zhineng (Chi-lel) Qigong is true inner alchemy. It gives great tools to navigate your life, and be in a state of inner harmony and balance. With this healing art, founded by Grandmaster Dr. Pang Ming, at the medicineless hospital in China, we connect to a field of energy. Deborah Lucas will be explaining more of what this field is and how to "hook up" to it.

Please Note: This is a Free presentation at the Peregrine Book Company.

aloha qigongDeborah Lucas is the author of Aloha Qigong, Practice of the Heart, a handbook that shares simple, yet profound, methods of gathering energy to transform your life, heal your physical body, calm your emotions, clear your thoughts and open your heart. Copies of Lucas' book will be available at the Peregrine.

Two-day workshops will be held the following weekends, February 11-12 and February 18-19 at The Manna Vida Center for Wellbeing in Prescott. See further details below for costs and information.

About the Workshops

Workshop I: February 11-12

Deborah Lucas will teach the alchemical meaning of the eight phrases to set the chi field. She states, "It is an amazing practice, and was taught to me in Hawaii by Master Jianshe who was the head of the recovery department in the medicineless hospital in China.  He worked with Dr. Pang Ming closely for 15 years and is a brilliant, accomplished joyfilled soul! Other elements will be added, but this will be the meat of the classes."

Workshop II: February 18-19

In the second workshop, more movement will be added and also an introduction to the latest information from Dr. Pang Ming.  He was under house arrest for 14 years and no-one received knowledge from him (other than intuitively!) during that time. These practices are life-changing and bring great levels of inner harmony and mastery over our lives, no matter what things look like.

Learn transformational methods of self healing and true inner alchemy for body, mind and soul through Qigong. Bring more joy and inner peace into your life. Learn simple tools to deal with the stress of daily reality. How to be “In it, yet not of it!” When we access and learn how to integrate this chi field, our health comes into balance on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

No previous qigong experience is necessary, and is open to anyone who may be interested.

The workshops will be $225 each or $400 for both.  Handouts and CD included.
Scholarships available if needed! Discount if paid by Feb 1st. The workshops will each cover different information and will be held at Manna Vida Center for Wellbeing, 301 Parker Drive Prescott AZ 86303. For more info and registration, please email: Visit or call 808-895-2509

About Deborah Lucas

Deborah Lucas has studied qigong for over 20 years with Luke and Frank Chan and more recently with Liu Jianshe (who visited Hawaii). Liu Jianshe was the head of the recovery department in China, working closely with Dr. Pang for 15 years.

Event date: 

Friday, February 10, 2017 - 6:00pm

Event address: 

The Peregrine Book Company
219A North Cortez
Prescott, AZ 86301