Four Authors, Five Books | Reading, Q&A, Booksigning


The Peregrine Book Company will host a unique book signing event featuring four authors, five books and a Blog Theater introduction. On Saturday, March 25, a Businessman, a Professor, a Homicide Detective and an Actor will walk into a bookstore to meet, entertain and inspire their readers…and of course to sign their books too.

dr. paul gersper matt gerpser frank shankwitz scott barry
Dr. Paul Gersper Matt Gersper Frank Shankwitz Scott Barry

About the Authors

The businessman is Matt Gersper, the author of The Belief Road Map and Turning Inspiration into Action. The Professor is Dr. Paul Gersper, author of Love Letters from the Grave. The Homicide Detective is Frank Shankwitz, author of Wishman, and the Actor is Scott Barry, author of The Greener The Grass. Find out more about these authors and others at Happy Living Books »

About the Event

The event will begin with the Actor delivering a rousing, short theatrical performance called Blog Theatre. He’ll explore the mystical power that brought four very different men, on incredibly dissimilar life journeys, to work together helping others create more meaningful, successful, and happy lives. Next, each author will personally introduce his book, sharing with the audience why he wrote it, and how he hopes it will benefit his readers.

About the Authors and Their Books

the greener the grassThe Greener the Grass is an exhilarating journey into self-realization. This book is based on an autobiographical solo show, written and performed by Scott Barry in San Francisco to critical acclaim: “You don’t have to be a football fan to enjoy Barry’s story of… reaching for his dreams, falling short and ending up someplace entirely unexpected.” —Oakland Tribune “A surprisingly poetic tale of personal redemption.” —Bay Area Reporter “Barry’s script is a beautifully written and constructed jazz riff, a word-drunk beat meditation on success and failure that’s filled with real-life suspenseful reversals.” —San Francisco Guardian “Hilarious.” —San Jose Mercury News “A visceral portrait of what it’s like to stand on the crest of achieving one’s fondest desire… and then watch it crumble.” —Back Stage West. Scott Barry is a produced playwright, screenwriter and solo performer. The Greener the Grass marks his first book. Barry has performed his plays from Los Angeles to New York. He is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, where he earned a degree in Engineering and All-America honors before being drafted by the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers.

love lettersLove Letters From the Grave Charlie: it was the proverbial “love at first sight.” But how could that be when he was a happily married man? And he was already living out a second chance – because he’d been bad in the past. So bad it was hard to remember. Molly: Molly was taken aback by the attention of the handsome man at work. She had a wonderful husband, after all, and had always lived by a strict moral code. But then there was the other husband – the one before. That damage might have been irreparable.Then it happened. Electricity. They began to exchange love letters, which started them on a life-long, heaven-sent ;love affair …This is an inspirational novel based on the story of an extraordinary relationship, which proved that love can overcome the most violent and painful of histories. Real love letters. True love.

wishmanWishman The story drops into Frank Shankwitz' sad and difficult childhood - a childhood that was not his, but the byproduct of his mother’s whims. Constantly on the move and frequently hungry and homeless, doing without was the norm. Along his journey, glimmers of kindness from strangers were extended from communities he landed in - a meal or shelter when there was neither in sight. Each of these moments of generosity laid the path for Frank to walk and to choose a life of giving - to his country and then his community. His choices eventually led to several brushes with death and a chance meeting with a dying child - all of which answered a question we all face. Why am I here? Frank Shankwitz continues to carry the torch of giving back, traveling the world speaking about philanthropy and social responsibility, Everyone Can Be A Hero. He resides in Prescott, Arizona with the love of his life, Kitty.

turning inspirationTurning Inspiration Into Action Connect to the powers you need to conquer negativity, act on the best opportunities, and live the life of your dreams. If you have great ideas that never get done? If you get inspired and excited one day, and then return to your same old self the next? Then this book is for you. "Turning Inspiration into Action is extremely well written with enough detail and engagement with the reader that it is a total pleasure and informative story to read. Turning Inspiration into Action provokes self-exploration and goal setting." —5 Star Amazon Review

the belief road mapThe Belief Road Map Do you struggle with knowing where you want to go in life? This book will show how to uncover your inner beliefs and help identify your core priorities. Step-by-step, you will create personal philosophies to use as a road map to the life of your dreams. The Belief Road Map is for anyone who has wavered in making a decision, questioned their beliefs, or wondered what to do next. “I found the ideas and thought exercises in The Belief Road Map so fantastic and insightful.” – Tiffany Shlain (Emmy-nominated filmmaker and Webby Awards Founder) “I would love to see The Belief Road Map in all schools and libraries, and all over the world!” – Five Star Amazon Review. Matt Gersper is a lifelong student of cultivating a happy, healthy, and meaningful life. He is on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of the world, one person at a time. With his daughter, Kaileen Elise Sues, Matt shares how creating your personal philosophies will give you the clarity to make wise decisions, the belief in yourself to persevere in the face of adversity, and the courage to go after your dreams.

Event date: 

Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 4:00pm

Event address: 

The Peregrine Book Company
219A North Cortez
Prescott, AZ 86301